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We've printed millions of catalogs and know how to fit the right printer to the job.

Here are some of the good reasons in a B2B environment:

  • Clients and prospects often have special locations set aside for "working catalogs" in print. They are often used as references that are easily available and easily ordered from. Hardware stores, and parts departments, and parts supply sellers, etc.
  • Clients just expect them and it is never a good idea to go against customer expectations.
  • Pushing customers to the internet is for the seller, for his ease of handling things. then there is the customer and they see things quite differently.
  • It is often easier to "go shopping" using print catalogs than it is for internet-based catalogs.
  • Catalogs are often a good sales tool. Having them available is important.
  • Catalogs appeal to non-internet, tangible types of people and you do want to appeal to them.
  • The work necessary to prepare for internet-catalogs is the basis for most preparations for print-catalogs so doing both does not double the cost at all.
  • Using POD (Print on Demand) technology opens up a wide door for tailored catalogs created for a particular type of client.
  • B2B is a special environment and matching clients' expectations is extremely important.
  • The print catalog can be specifically linked to internet resources to make a powerful 2-FER for your clients. They browse using print, and investigate product information on the internet. They are always presented with multiple ways to make a purchase.
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As important as design is, there is what comes before. We call it the "Sherlock Holmes" investigation. Your product information lives all over the place in your company: 1) in each sales person's mind, 2) in filing cabinets all over the place, 3) in product brochures and catalogs you got from your suppliers... all over the place.

We know that.

Gathering in-depth product information is a sleuth's job. While it can be costly, it is the most important information you have. Systematizing it is really important. After all, your B2B customers depend on it and buying decisions are based on it.

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