Crossing the Chasm


Marketing and Advertising gets you in the door with potential new client decision-makers…

you hope

But, once there, you are in "sales-&-selling" territory. That territory is unique on its own and demands skills that marketing and advertising do not hold, contain, nor teach.

B2B situations almost always require in-the-face meeting with the check-signer present. Knowing that you have to adopt a sales technique you have to learn.

Remember: the decision to buy your services (or not) is made when you are NOT in the room. The decision is usually made by the check-signer and not by requisitioners. Check-signers almost always base their decision on business concerns, not on technical concerns.

There are two kinds of people you can address in a sales meeting:


Check Signers

You want to address the Check Signers but often cannot get them alone without their Requisitioners. There are vital skills needed to keep your focus on the Check Signers and not go down the rabbit-hole of technobabble that can entice you when addressing most Requisitioners. Having to tell about YOU and your PRODUCTS is not where you want to go.

Some key elements:

  1. Never use acronyms and abbreviations. Always say the words themselves. Reason being that most Check Signers probably do not know what the acronyms and abbreviations stand for and will not ask you as it risks their looking stupid in front of their employees.
  2. You want to make it easy for the Check Signer to say YES... right now... to say YES. So keep focused on avoiding diversionary technobabble which functions to stop decisions as the Check Signers have to get alone with their Requisitioners to find out what it was all about… when you are NOT there...!!!
  3. Your work as a sales-person is to get off the slippery-slide-of-approval. An approval seeker will not push to close a deal after he feels he has been approved of. He will not risk disapproval after having received approval. An approval-seeker is deadly in a sales situation. So he has to do the work to get off the slippery-slide-of-approval.
  4. You are there, NOT to sell something. You are there to find out if these people and this company match your criterion for being a good client… as determined by you. You have to learn how to ask friendly, helpful, inviting, warm-feeling questions of them. The sole purpose being to match your services/products to their needs. If they refuse to divulge their needs consistently... they are not a good client potential at all... you need HONESTY to have a good helpful relationship. If they act suspiciously and closed-mouth about their needs, then now is a good time to find that out.
  5. Asking questions is a skill-set and keeping on track NOT to go down the path of telling about YOU and your company is not where you want to be at all.
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