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We Ask Questions of You

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We already know what you want is to sell more. Despite all the ideas floating around sales, one truth stands out: people buy from you because they trust you and like having you around.

Our job is to present your products within that trust/liking framework. We do that based on asking you questions about your products, about your company, how you sell now, how you train your sales force, and by asking them what their problems and needs are.

It Takes Teamwork

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The teamwork is our "how" we create the answer to the "why". We work together to translate all the good reasons for the "how" and "what" to fit within the framework of "why" we are doing all this.

It may seem esoteric, but, successful sales are based on emotional connections. That is what advertising is about. And that is what lies at the heart of "branding".

We Find & Tell "Why"

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Telling the true "why" is how you create an emotional connection which, if shared, supports the decision to say "Yes!".

People buy largely based on emotional connections and not on technical how's and what's. Those are important, but the "Yes!" comes from the heart. Your and our work is to do our best to create that emotional connection.

By focusing on your "Why" and on your customer's "Why" you are focusing on the most powerful connection you can make.

Design for Web

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We design right in WordPress's Page or Post itself. We start there and work from top to bottom of the page. Currently we are devoted to very colorful pages/posts which each have unique colorful items which are linked to the topic of the text. Of course, Photoshop and Illustrator are open and used frequently.

The text is kept short and concise.

Why this way? We do not think designing webpages in Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator is appropriate as they are essentially two dimensional print design platforms which cannot initiate nor contain what can actually happen on a webpage with full access to 100's of design modules (which we use.) 

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One of our aims is to reduce the "bounce rate" and to extend the "time on site" substantially.

No matter what one says about image and branding, if a viewer is on your page for less than 30 seconds and never goes elsewhere on your website then nothing has been accomplished whatsoever.

Hence we opt for colorful, warm, inviting design and highly creative copy writing. Each page is different with no standard repetiton at all... visually rich and appealing.

And, the most difficult to attempt is a sense of humor and lack of self importance.

Tangible and Intangible

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Most business people are "Tangible-Oriented". That means that they function, make decisions based on, the tangible. It is far harder for them - often won't happen - if they have to carry intangible concepts as the basis for decision and the impetus for action.

When selling to most companies, the decision to "BUY" is made when you are not there. That means when selling to them, it can matter a lot if you make the decision Tangible. So selling them on increasing their sales - a tangible thing to the decision maker - vs. selling them on image and branding (intangible) you advance your sales argument by dropping intangible arguments and replacing them with tangible arguments... simple, easy to remember tangible pitches.

For instance: "Buy My Product Because It Would be Nice to Have" vs. "Buy My Product Because it Increases Profits." Which do you think is the basis for taking action?

Sales: Outside of Your Control

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Of all the business focuses, sales are the one arena in which you do not have any direct control at all. Furthermore, in most cases, the decision to "buy" is made when you are not there.

What exactly is it that you need to create in the decision-makers' minds that enables them to decide for you/your-company and not your competition? You do NOT want it to be PRICE!

It is always the emotional connection that drives this your-absent-from-the-room-time... it is not hard to do, but does take focus.

We can provide that focus and help you to sell more. The key lies in your being trusted and in your being someone they'd like to have around.

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