A Learning Management System ("LMS") is something you have not thought of before as a Tech-Support and Customer-Support System. Once someone signs up (becomes a "Student" or "Member") you know what they are watching and using. And this teaching system is your best way to keep in touch with your customers and to show prospective buyers as well.

There can be a never-ending set of helpful movies and text telling and showing how to use your products. Installation guides, OSHA compliance, cross/up-selling info, customers can track upgrades and parts ordered, replacement parts and how to use them to name a few.

Trouble with an LMS system is, however, that you really have to be dedicated to creating new materials, new movies, new courses, new product explanation lessons including: "how to install", "how to fix", "how to upgrade", "what up-sell-products fit with it", "new OSHA regulations", "safety information", and endless lessons.

Why do this? To deliver FAR better customer service because customer service is always about your PRODUCT's Information. Creating this is not a static, done once and done event. It is on-going.


Your Customers Want Answers

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Your customers want answers, not a Search-Engine response with 13,856 results. Search-Engine software does not work! If it delivers more than several possible answers, then it is NOT working. Imagine if you stopped to get driving directions and were given 13,856 possible answers to rummage through!

An LMS system can steer your customers to THE answer or one of a few answers... makes for happy customers... they were helped.

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Learning Management Platform for Product Information

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Dont't get stuck on thinking that Learning Management Systems (LMS) are only for schools and students in school.

LMS is a system used to keep track of courses, training materials, videos, tests, test scores, email notices to students about courses and test results, groups of courses into overall topics, (required OSHA courses and tests), etc. The back-end system for all of this can be used for Product-Information delivery too!

This very systems approach is, however, remarkably suited to teach courses on your products: how to use them, how to install them, how to fix them, what replacement parts go where, OSHA as it applies, safety standards, and on and on.

An LMS system is wonderfully suited to handle this but just with the focus being on Product Information aimed at your customers and prospective customers.

Showing such a system to prospective buyers can be a deal closer. And, once closed it enables you to provide top notch customer service without necessarily having to do it with people.

There is a lot to this. Call us to learn more.

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