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Accept, for now, that Image & Branding is not the same thing as Selling Products.

Marketing: There Are No Silver Bullets

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I wish there were. I've tried to find them and failed. Each industry, each type of client: B2B or B2C or local or national or global all have different rules of engagement. New products vs. existing products with established markets... they all have unique problems and unique ways to find & address their market.

There ARE silver bullets in sales, however...

Selling happens when you are in the office selling to your prospective client. Marketing & advertising is what gets you there in the first place.

In sales the silver bullet is that you keep in mind that people buy from you because they trust you and like the idea of having you around.

So, the silver bullet is: learn to establish trust and find and present your genuine friendliness. All the "what it is's" and "how it works's" will only rarely overcome a lack of trust.

Avoid Internet Hype - Stay Focused on Results

We have long passed the "hype stage" concerning the internet except that it has not died down. So here are some pointers that may help you to focus on results vs. the hype.

If you are expecting to get something for nothing???
Well, that carcass has been picked over already!

  1. SEO in General: if your website is new and has no reason for it to have gathered any "authoritative back-links" then it will be a while, perhaps a long while, to have any positive effect insofar as SEO is concerned for your primary key words - the ones that matter. "Long Tail" keywords may produce some results.
  2. The Websites That Are Already on Page 1 of Google Keyword Searches:  if you are selling a retail product and you find the likes of Target, Walmart, Amazon, Eckerd Drugs, CVS Drugs, Macys, K-Mart, eBay and other very big retail sellers dominating Google Page 1, then know that your chances of pushing them off Page 1 in deference to your website are near zero.
  3. Local SEO Is Important:  definitely hire an expert SEO consultant to perform "Local SEO" for you. Such things as: "Chiropractor in Flemington, NJ". You CAN have a page-one presence for local searches and it is definitely worth doing this. BUT, make sure you choose an SEO consultant who knows LOCAL SEO and will focus on that alone. Get the consultant's recommendations from current clients.
  4. Social Media:  you can focus on one of two things: "Image and Branding" and "Selling Products". The focusing on "Image and Branding" is not important for small businesses but Selling Products is. Social Media is a poor performer for Selling Products. If you wish to spend the money and time to create some semblance of a lasting "image and brand" then do it. If you wish to sell products now, then social media is a poor way to go.
  5. Social Media Links on Your Website: 90%+ of all people clicking through to social media FROM your website do not return. So, have a social media presence and link TO your website from it. But deliberately directing people away from your website is nuts...!!! Facebook is a major distraction from your goal: to sell your products not those advertised by others on Facebook.
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