Print on Demand (POD)

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This technology changes everything about how you can use print. And, despite premature predictions, print is not dead. It is alive and well and now the economics for printing just as many as you need right now has changed the whole situation.

Now you can print one or a few product catalogs at one price level for one market and another with different prices and different products (as needed) for a new set of prices for another market and do so for very low cost indeed.

No copies are printed for inventory at all. POD prints exactly the copies asked for at the time of the order and nothing more.

We have mastered this technique and invite you to ask us about how it can work for you.

Print is not dead.

Three Different Models of POD Printers - There are more than three


The quality is superb. It changes everything. You can print a product catalog for ONE client at one set of prices, and another product catalog for another client with another set of prices for very LOW cost indeed. And using copy specifically suited to a particular client or market.

This enables tailored product information publishing... not previously economically available.

There being no costly setup charges to defray over a big print run gives you immediate and low cost printed catalogs tailored to specific customers. There are NO setup charges at all!

Print On Demand (POD)

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Things have changed in the print-world a lot. To make it as simple as we can, POD is an inkjet printer that prints an entire page, front and back at the same time, in one go. The inkjet does not scan back and forth, it is a full page-sized bank of inkjets that squirt ink on the entire page at once, on one go.

Each time the inkjet prints a page, front and back at one go, it is controlled by the computer running the printer to print THAT page. As the paper moves forward, the computer tells the inkjets to print another page, front and back all in one go. That means that this machine can sit there and print many different projects, one after another, one at time or dozens and just keep rolling on.

The important thing is that the printer can change from one page design set-up, one project, to another as the paper moves forward without any setup or settling down normally needed for standard offset printing presses.

That means that it can print ONE of something with no setup and with no preparation beforehand at all. As ONE is printed it can be followed by another different page immediately and instantly, or, continue on making another copy of the current job.

This is a big deal as it can print ONE of something, say, a 12 page brochure 8-1/2 x 11 and then print something else immediately. And it is LOW cost for low print runs (not for thousands of copies, but, for a dozen or so.) Keep this in mind: our clients rarely ever need more than a few copies at any one time.

We buy ONE 12 page 8-1/2 x 11 brochure for about $4.15 each and get one or more delivered in about 5 days. No setup, no waste, no need to spread setup costs over a big print run. There is no pre-printed inventory of copies ever! One at a time as need or a dozen or so as needed - why it is called "Print-on-Demand (POD)."

We design the entire brochure (or flyer, or catalog, or magazine... whatever), send along a Print-PDF to the POD company and in 5 days we can have ONE or a dozen, or several dozen for $4.15 each (in the case of a 12 page 8.5" x 11" brochure). Yes, were we to need several thousand then standard offset printing is cheaper for high quantities, but, for a small run it is great and far beats standard offset printing for low quantities.

And there is a wide variety of sizes, folds, and types of printed pieces to choose from... one at a time. Now it is very economical to print tailored catalogs to one set of buyers and another for another.

Designers can now create Idea-Brochures covering a wide range of topics and business-focuses to show clients and not spend a lot of money to do it... hardly anything at all in fact.

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