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Publishing Your Product Information Is Vital to Your Sales


It's Not Easy to Do This Well...

With your focus on manufacturing, managing costs, ensuring quality, sales, customer service, managing your people, what often gets lost is gathering and publishing your product information and doing it in a convincing way. Annual catalogs are often really burdensome and a fuss viewed more as a chore than a vital part of your whole sales effort.

We know that your products are often sold into very different markets and that requires addressing each market uniquely. And each market has its own information needs. Each market really requires its own focus if it is large enough to warrant the attention, or, if it could be.

We publish your product information in both Print and Web. They should work together. It may be difficult to accept, but, your product-information could be equal in value to the product itself or even higher. And product-information IS one of the most valuable elements to gaining new customers.

For a while it was assumed that the internet would replace print. Well, not so!


We have a totally new print-technology which has matured now. It is called Print-on-Demand. (You can learn about it on our web page on this site at: CLICK HERE.) This technology enables you to print ONE or a FEW of a specific catalog or product-information for very low cost with zero printer setup fees at all. Just order, say, 5 market-specific catalogs for a few bucks each and get them in 5 days. Easy as that!

This eliminates the whole cost of printing large quantities, storing them, and then sending them out. For many catalog uses you still do need to print large quantities. But, for tailored marketing programs you can create special catalogs at very low cost and print only those needed at the moment.

Our Goal - To Enable You to Sell More

And, to reduce costs A LOT!

We really need to speak with you about how this works. Sorry, initially it is complex, but it's worth it.

Call us at 215-297-8433 - ask for David - Mon/Fri 9-5 Eastern Time. Or email us at EMAIL NOW. We focus on manufacturing companies who sell into the B2B market place.

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