A Fun Resume

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No matter who writes it or how many bulleted points there are, people rarely ever read resumes. So, knowing that, here I try to do it differently and, perhaps, more interestingly as well.

Three Phases to David's Resume

The finance on Wall Street phase took place 1980's to 2,000's

The Publishing Phase took place 2000 to present

The Computer Systems Phase has always been in place.

This will be dealt with in reverse:

Three PHases to Resume copy - Copy

Publishing - Print & Internet

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Internet and Print

I chose WordPress because it powers 40%+ of the entire internet website backbone. And, I chose it because it has 55.300 plugins which cover just about every conceivable application one could ask for.

Two business reasons that really decide it for you: broad coverage and 55,300 plugins.

I am an expert WordPress designer and developer.