A Fun Resume

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No matter who writes it or how many bulleted points there are, people rarely ever read resumes. So, knowing that, here I try to do it differently and, perhaps, more interestingly as well.

Three Phases to David's Resume

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The Finance on Wall Street phase took place 1980's to 2,000's. I was the founder and CEO of one of the then largest corporate tax shelter leasing companies with a staff of 50. We were the first non-Bell purchasers of the Unix operating system. Our staff wrote the first-ever FORTRAN IV+compiler for Unix. We were cutting edge Unix operators.

The Publishing Phase took place 2000 to present. I have focuses on both the internet (WordPress) and print (catalogs) for delivering high quality and targeted product information to our clients purchasers.

The Computer Systems Phase has always been in place.

In-depth resume available found on LinkedIn see button to the right.

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Publishing - Print & Internet

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We use two different print technologies: a) standard sheet-fed & web presses, and b) Print-on-Demand (POD) which prints only small quantities quickly and beautifully. We match clients' needs and budget.

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WordPress A Compellling Solution

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I chose WordPress because it powers 49%+ of the entire internet website backbone. And, I chose it because it has 59.800 plugins which cover just about every conceivable application one could ask for.

Two business reasons that really decide it for you: broad coverage and 59,800 plugins. We are always looking for speedy and low cost solutions for our clients.

I am an expert WordPress designer and developer.

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