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25+ years has created a long list of in-house assets. Some of them are listed here:

  • Entire Adobe Creative Design program set (InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, AdobeStock, Photoshop are most used.)
  • SmartSound music editing system
  • Camtasia 9.1
  • Access to Google fonts + 9,045 in-house owned fonts
  • 18,000+ owned images
  • Adobe Stock access to 6 million images and videos
  • FileZilla
  • MS Office 365 entire office suite
  • much more...


3D render illustration of construction site, including cranes and lifting machine, where the word Skills is being built.

We have a big skill-set. Here it is:

Print, PrePress, Choosing Printers

  • Catalog printing experience - using mostly periodical printers
  • For high print runs of grocery-store inserts
  • ADVO (shared mail) experienced
  • Producing the catalog content is a true investigative process as product information is scattered all over our clients' company... we know how to collect that information
  • We use normal off-set printers for high print runs and Print-on-Demand (CLICK HERE to learn more about it).
  • We know all the color spaces used for print (spot and process)
  • Print product catalogs must interface with the client's website and its eCommerce functions
  • InDesign experts
  • Copy writing
  • Product photography


  • WordPress experts
  • WordPress design experts
  • Create our own WordPress themes and page/post structure
  • Photoshop experts
  • Illustrator mid-level
  • Hosting - very experienced with cPanel
  • Camtasia experts
  • Music and voice-over editing
  • Copy writing

Programming & Coding - hired as needed

Keep in mind there are 59,800 plugins for WordPress. Most are free to try out, are free, or are low cost compared to the cost to write new code. Before we decide to write original code we ensure than the existing plugin library cannot handle our needs... which most of the time the existing plugins exceed our desires completely.

When coding is needed, we write it as a WordPress Plugin and place access to that coding via short-code inserted on pages where it is needed.

There is no need for any coding for design as the design plugin we use (Beaver Builder and its additional design specific Beaver Builder plugins. Together they provide hundreds of design options with a huge array of specific controls.

We have no need for any WordPress themes nor wire-frame themes as we create our own (fully responsive... with granular controls per design module.)

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