When Your Customer is Ready... Slow Him Down

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You certainly do not want to slow your customer down! 

What slows him down

1)  Insisting on selling something he did not ask for.

2)  Insisting on selling something that has to be explained because what you think is important isn't to the customer.

3)  Simple trumps complicated.

4)  Insisting on selling intangible qualities as opposed to tangible "things".  Decisions to buy are always based on clearly seen "things".

5)  Refusing to ask the customer what is important to him and responding to that and that alone.

6)  Getting your personal stuff in the way... i.e. being an approval seeker.

7)  Confusing the sales situation with qualities that you think matter as opposed to what matters to the customer.

8)  Not asking for a check to get going now.

9)  Agreeing with customer to put the decision off.

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Try this:

Explain what "Image and Branding" is in such a way as to be super clear and concise  and very short – and in a way that differentiates you from all the other agencies who were just there.

And explain it in a way that the customer can remember and act upon it to buy YOU and and not your competition when you are not there.

Now add this factor:

If what you are selling has to be explained, and explained for more than a few minutes and is referencing intangible language and intangible returns... you're sunk!

Now you know what adding speed bumps to closing the deal is.

If You Are Not Helping Customer to Sell More... Then What Are You There For?

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