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Skyborough Introduction

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Our History

We started web designing in Html. We became experts in designing in FLASH until Steve Jobs sabotaged it. Before we had the chance to grumble over the loss of flash, WordPress was invented.

And then we focused on the WordPress environment. Everything took off after we latched onto WordPress. It is hard to argue against any website hosting backend that grew to dominate 50% of the entire backend hosting world.

All of this came about after 15  years experience with print catalogs along with working with all types of printers. So we have a thorough print background and a long history with website design and responsive concerns too.

And, just add something really nice: there are now 60,362 plugins for WordPress that cover a huge range of topics.

We've been around.

Skyborough Group
PO Box 21 - Stockton, NJ 08559

Office Phone  215-297-8433  <= No texting on this line.
email: sky@skyborough.com