We do not sell "image and branding" - everyone else is selling the same thing and that is NOT how you differentiate yourself clearly and memorably.

There are three things to deal with: marketing, advertising, and selling. You sell when you are in-person with potential client. In-person is the main definition of selling (not marketing nor advertising.) Marketing and advertising you do, usually, before you are in-person with the client.

Here is the big rule to deal with: the decision to buy from you (or not) is made by the client when you are NOT there.

Therefore, you have to differentiate yourself from your competition clearly and memorably. If you don't, then you default to PRICE and  you do not want to go there...!!!

We sell Product Information Publishing - and no one else is selling that. And, it is a really important focus for B2B customers. Image and branding is not tangible whereas Product information Publishing is tangible. Tangible always sells far better than Intangible.