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Very few information developers have BOTH indepth knowledge of PRINT and INTERNET (web based display) as we do. That knowledge is based on experience with all type of printers from Rotogravure, High Press Run mass distribution, medium sheet fed, Book Printers, to Print-on Demand.

Rotogravure Presses are for VERY high press runs. 40 million Ikea catalogs for instance.

High Press Run Printers for such things as grocery store flyer mass distribution.

Medium Sheet Fed Printers are for brochures and company sales materials. Quality and paper are often very important and press runs are usually 5,000 to 50,000 or so.

Book Printers often in a class of their own.

Print on Demand Printers using the latest ink-jet printers to print ONE of something or a dozen to a few hundred.